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Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria

Kane County Guide to Community Services
Inclusion/Exclusion Criteria
Inclusion within the Kane County Guide to Community Services website does not imply endorsement of the organization and omission does not indicate disapproval. Also, the owners of the website do not evaluate the quality of services provided by organizations included in the database. The owners assume no liability for information contained in this database or the services provided as a result of referral from this system.

  • Non-profit organizations (classified as 501(c)(3) under the Internal Revenue Code) which are involved with health, human services, social welfare, education and other community services.
  • For-profit and proprietary agencies if they offer a service not adequately provided by other resource listings; or if they offer scholarships, reduced fee or sliding fee scales or accept Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Organizations such as churches, community service organizations, social clubs and fraternal organizations that offer services to the community at large, not just restricted to their own members.
  • Professional organizations that provide a community service or make referrals (e.g.. county medical society, medical specialty associations, local bar association)
  • Organizations from outside Illinois that provide services not available in-state.
  • Support groups.
  • 800 line if they offer a social or community service.
  • State, county and municipal government agencies that provide services in the areas of health, welfare, support, recreation or education.
  • Nonprofit agencies providing indirect services, primarily to other agencies, such as management assistance, governance, public policy planning, research, gifts in kind or volunteer recruitment.
  • Agencies or organizations that provide services that are not available to the general public, or that are available only to persons holding membership or status in a specific group or organization.
  • Individual or private for-profit practitioners or retailers (health, legal, dentistry, etc.) that do not accept Medicare or Medicaid.
  • Agencies or organizations that deny service on the basis of color, race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ancestry, nationality, or on any other basis not permitted by law.
  • Agencies or organizations that misrepresent, by omission or commission, pertinent facts regarding their services, organizational structure, or any other pertinent matter, in any way.