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11 subcategories for "Arts and Culture"

Cultural Heritage Programs

Programs that support and celebrate the diversity of the community's social, artistic and intellectual inheritance. (more)

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Dance Performances

Programs that offer performances which feature ballet groups, folk ensembles, modern dance troupes and other dance groups. (more)

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Eclectic Performances/Stage Acts

Programs that offer shows which feature individual performers, troupes or companies whose unique skills and abilities are a form of entertainment. (more)

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Historical Societies

Organizations that preserve the historical heritage of a particular county, city, township, town or other specific geographic area. Activities include preservation and... (more)

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Historic Preservation

Programs that acquire, protect, maintain and, where necessary, restore buildings, structures, art and cultural objects, landscapes, sites or entire districts that have... (more)

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Humanities Activities/Events

Programs that sponsor events which provide opportunities for people to participate in the study and discussion of contemporary values and public issues in the humanities and... (more)

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Institutions that acquire, preserve, research, exhibit and provide for educational use, objects or artifacts of artistic, cultural, historical, scientific or technological... (more)

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Music Performances

Community or university-based programs or organizations operating on a commercial basis that offer classical, jazz, folk or rock concerts or other types of musical productions... (more)

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Performing Arts Facilities

Programs that develop, maintain and make available to the public facilities for plays, musical performances, dance performances and other types of presentations that are... (more)

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Theater Performances

Community and university-based programs or organizations operating on a commercial basis that offer plays and stage productions including Broadway shows, drama, comedy and... (more)

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Visual Arts

Programs that support, promote, provide access to and encourage the enjoyment of paintings, sculpture, ceramics, photography, crafts, architectural works and other visual art... (more)

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