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Legal Assistance Modalities

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See also: Legal Department Offices

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Programs that intercede on behalf of individuals and/or groups to ensure that they receive the benefits and services for which they are eligible and that organizations within... (more)

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Alternative Dispute Resolution

Programs that offer procedures for settling disputes which serve as alternatives to a conventional court trial. ADR procedures are less costly than litigation, produce a... (more)

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Court Watching

Programs that send individuals to observe trial proceedings in cases where the decision will have far-reaching ramifications or when the judge has wide discretion regarding... (more)

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Legal Counseling

Programs that are staffed by lawyers who offer information and guidance regarding legal matters, proposed lines of conduct, claims or contentions including opinions on the... (more)

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Legal Representation

Programs that are staffed by lawyers who appear on behalf of their clients in criminal, civil and/or administrative actions and proceedings in addition to offering legal... (more)

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