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5 subcategories for "Law Enforcement Services"

Crime Prevention

Programs that help individuals and the general public protect themselves against crime or prevent its occurrence. (more)

FN-1500 - View 40 resources »

Crime Reporting

Programs that encourage the public to provide information, often anonymously, which might lead to the arrest, prosecution and conviction of people who have committed crimes.... (more)

FN-1700 - View 6 resources »

Crime Victim Support

Programs whose objective is to help victims of crimes and their families recover from the trauma of their experience, get medical assistance when required, make their way... (more)

FN-1900 - View 10 resources »

Gang Programs

Programs offered by community and law enforcement agencies that attempt to reduce the incidence of gang violence by providing counseling, recreational activities and other... (more)

FN-2300 - View 1 resources »

Missing Persons Location Assistance

Programs that handle reports of people who have disappeared, assist people who need to locate an individual who has been reported as missing or with whom contact has been lost... (more)

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