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4 subcategories for "Judicial Services"

Court Filing Offices

Divisions or programs of the court that accept and file actions, petitions, motions or other applications from the public for the purpose of obtaining a ruling or order... (more)

FJ-1600 - View 6 resources »

Divorce/Custody Investigation

Programs that investigate parties to a divorce in cases involving minor children and report their findings and recommendations for custody and visitation to the court. (more)

FJ-1750 - View 1 resources »

Guardians ad Litem

Individuals appointed by the court to represent, in a particular lawsuit, the interests of minors, people judged to be incompetent or people unborn or unascertained who may... (more)

FJ-2600 - View 2 resources »

Public Counsel

Programs that are part of the city, county, state or federal judicial system that are responsible for prosecuting, in the name of the government, individuals who have been... (more)

FJ-6700 - View 9 resources »